MODE - Combined Data-Collection and e-Learning Toolbox

Developing a common stakeholder-driven mobile data collection and -analysis platform combined with a plug-and-play e-learning server.

Multilevel global governance: Assumptions, methods, shortcomings and future directions [Paper presentation]

Multilevel governance as a research approach has mostly been applied to explain governance problématiques surrounding the European Union or international organizations. As a general research framework in the area of IR theory, however, multilevel …

The complexity of history: systems that make a world [Paper presentation]

The dynamics of major power rivalries have developed in tune with political and economic global system long-term developmental phases for a number of centuries. This paper places a special focus on the current phase of major power rivalry and the …

Future's future: a test of models of systemic transition [Paper presentation]

The making of a global system: Towards a general theory of international relations [Paper presentation]

Naval ports and virtual nodes: The historical evolution of world-city networks in the global world system [Paper presentation]

Most treatments of globalization view it as a relatively recent and unique process. Combining frameworks of political geography (world city and network analysis) with a long-term oriented IR framework, further evidence is provided for the emergence …