Selected Publications

(2019). Evolutionary systems theory: concepts and schools in international relations. In R. Marlin-Bennett (Hrsg.), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


(2017). Multilevel governance as a global governance challenge: Assumptions, methods, shortcomings and future directions. In R. Marlin-Bennett (Ed.), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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(2019). The world system in the information age: structure, processes, and technologies. In R. Marlin-Bennett (Hrsg.), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


(2019). Creative online collaboration: a special challenge for co-creation. Education and Information Technologies, 24(2), 1835–1836.

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(2019). Creative online collaboration: a special challenge for co-creation [Special Section]. Education and Information Technologies, 24(2), 1835–1900.

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(2019). Evolutionary systems theory: concepts and schools in international relations. In R. Marlin-Bennett (Hrsg.), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


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A global metamorphosis? A theory of evolution of a digital capitalism
12 Sep 2019 16:30
Der Einfluss der Digitalisierung auf Lehre und Ausbildungsprofile in der Sozialen Arbeit: Digitalkompetenz und Data Literacy als notwendige professionelle Kompetenzen für Soziale Arbeit
2 Sep 2019 15:45
E-Learning an der CVJM-Hochschule – Chancen und Grenzen der Lernplattform Moodle
11 Dec 2018 15:00
Sozialkapital im Sozialraum: Netzwerkanalyse als empirische Methode der Sozialen Arbeit
29 Oct 2018 14:00
Blended Learning - Theorie und Praxis, mit Best Practice Beispielen
21 Feb 2018 09:00

Recent Posts

E-portfolios are increasingly becoming popular tools for effective and reflective online or blended learning-based teaching approaches. Not only do they allow students to develop and also critically reflect on their own skill level and skill set they have garnered during a course; they also allow them to develop important digital skills while doing so. To make life easier for instructors looking for a way to implement e-portfolios into their own offerings, I have made available some materials (introductory text to explain students the whole concept, a grading rubric, links to some of the involved technology) on OSF.


DGSA 2019 - Paper presentation I presented (in German) a paper about digital competencies and data literacy as part of the professional toolkit of social workers and what we as educators need to to about that at the Annual Conference of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziale Arbeit 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany. Wonderful to be able to present “back home” in the “Ländle” as we say in Swabian :-) Here’s the paper (both in German only, sorry).


Creative online collaboration: a special challenge for co-creation (EAIT Special Section) The special section in Education and Information Technologies has been published now in print and online. The trend towards digitally facilitated collaboration is irreversible. Basic tasks comprise communication, sharing of documents and documentation of the working process. Technical solutions that enable collaborative work exist aplenty and are constantly evolving. However, the main challenges involved in digitally facilitated collaborative work that includes elements of creative co-creation—typically found in the area of higher education or professional settings that involve creative and design tasks—can be found in the facilitation of creative environments in “virtual space”.


HFD-Themenwoche 2018 The HFD (German Forum for Higher Education in the Digital Age) hosted its second conference week in Berlin and I attended the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung (HFD) Themenwoche/conference “Shaping the Digital Turn” for a session on Data Literacy Education on 28 Sep 2018 at the Allianz Forum Berlin for the “Future Skills Day”. During this final session of the conference the most promising universities applying for grants in the Data Literacy Education program presented themselves in a public jury meeting during this event (with a final selection of for proposals).


ABM Summer School for Social Scientists Participated in the BEHAVE 2018 Agent-based Modelling summer school for Social Scientists from 3–7 September in Brescia, Italy. This workshop has been offered by the team around Flaminio Squazzoni and Simone Gabbriellini (big shout-out to Nicolas Payette and Federico Bianchi) with guest lectures by the incredible Nigel Gilbert and André Grow. The workshop is incredibly useful, packed with hands-on coding work and theoretical material — and the BEST food you can imagine.



MODE - Combined Data-Collection and e-Learning Toolbox

Developing a common stakeholder-driven mobile data collection and -analysis platform for the World YMCA combined with a plug-and-play e-learning server.


One of the first funded Erasmus+ Horizon2020 projects, OnCreate (2014–1-DE01-KA203–000706) provided research on the exchange, implementation and evaluation of processual and contextual knowledge of online collaborative courses with focus on creation and innovation.

The making of a digital world

Develops a model of world system development as a complex adaptive social system. The model is then empirically tested focusing on the two core dimensions, the economic and political developmental processes.


I am a teaching instructor for the following courses at YMCA University in Kassel, Germany (and also teach the equivalent online courses with different course numbers):

  • V5.1: Intro Research Methods for the Social Sciences
  • V5.2: Research Methods: Qualitative Methods
  • V5.3: Research Methods: Quantitative Methods
  • V4.2: International Organizations of Social Work
  • B1.1: Scientific Methods and Writing

In addition, I am mentoring students during their practical semesters (mostly abroad) as part of our service-learning programs.

For a full list courses taught, click here.