E-Learning an der CVJM-Hochschule – Chancen und Grenzen der Lernplattform Moodle

Image credit: CVJM-Hochschule


Workshop on e-learning. Discussion of pedagogical theory and practical implementation using the e-learning platform and course management system Moodle.

11 Dec 2018 15:00 — 17:00
Dritter Tag der Hochschullehre, CVJM-Hochschule
CVJM-Hochschule (YMCA University of Applied Sciences)
Hugo-Preuß-Str. 40
34131 Kassel
Joachim K. Rennstich
Joachim K. Rennstich
Professor International Social Work and Research Methods

My research interests include the long-term development of digital capitalism, digital literacy and innovative teaching-methodologies.