Synthetic datasets for replication and teaching purposes

Presentation as part of workshop on teaching replication in social science methods courses.

RKI Nowcast Data R-script

I made some easy-to-run scripts available for people, who want to plot the latest RKI-Nowcast R-estimates themselves. There is a German and an English version.

Digitalisierung als Transformation der Sozialen Arbeit [RESCHEDULED]

Talk on the impact of digitalization on Social Work as a profession and the implications for Social Work education.

Daten-Ethik-Praxis (book project)

Textbook with additional interactive digital/blended-learning units for integration into LMS systems.

Research Hackathon (book/research project)

Textbook that allows users to plan for and run research hackathons in a variety of settings.


E-Prüfungen sind methodisch breit gefächert und finden sowohl in der onlinebasierten Lehre, als Teil von Blended-Learning-Formaten oder auch rein campusbasierten Lehrangeboten Anwendung. Lernplattformen bieten vielfältige und komplexe …