Workshop: Teaching Replication in the Social Sciences

The workshop highlights the opportunities and challenges offered by using replication as a didactical tool for empirical methods education. After a brief introduction of the concepts involved, the workhsop offers a fishbowl discussion with workshop …

Digitalisierung als Transformation der Sozialen Arbeit

Talk on the impact of digitalization on Social Work as a profession and the implications for Social Work education.

Synthetic datasets for replication and teaching purposes

Presentation as part of workshop on teaching replication in social science methods courses.

RKI Nowcast Data R-script

I made some easy-to-run scripts available for people, who want to plot the latest RKI-Nowcast R-estimates themselves. There is a German and an English version.

Daten-Ethik-Praxis (book project)

Textbook with additional interactive digital/blended-learning units for integration into LMS systems.

Research Hackathon (book/research project)

Textbook that allows users to plan for and run research hackathons in a variety of settings.


E-Prüfungen sind methodisch breit gefächert und finden sowohl in der onlinebasierten Lehre, als Teil von Blended-Learning-Formaten oder auch rein campusbasierten Lehrangeboten Anwendung. Lernplattformen bieten vielfältige und komplexe …