The world system in the information age: structure, processes, and technologies

The new information age has the potential to not only alter the historical path of world system development as other socio-technological paradigmatic shifts have done, but to transform it substantially. One school of thought argues for a complete …

World system in the information age

This paper looks at the impact of digital technologies and other major technological innovations in recent years on possible major shifts in the development of and control over the world system. The pace of the most inner process in the world system …

Die Republikaner: eine Medienkommunikationspartei? Organisationsstrukturen und Modernisierungsprozesse innerhalb der amerikanischen House Republican Party, 1988-1994

Eine Untersuchung der House GOP (House Republican Party) im Zeitraum von 1988-1994 auf Basis des Models Medienkommunikationspartei.