A thousand years of networked firms: The evolution of markets and firms in the global system [Paper presentation]


This paper looks at the impact of new technological styles on the inner core of the global system development, the global economic system as reflected in the organizational structure of enterprises. It introduces a new framework for the analysis of enterprise structures in external and internal network-based global system environments. First, the Venetian and Genoese trade network systems, the Dutch network systems, the British family business structure, and the U.S. Fordist system are briefly contrasted with one another. This follows a more detailed analysis of the emerging new structure and the emergence of what it is here referred to as informational digital ‘tissues.’

46th Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association (ISA), Honolulu, HI
Joachim K. Rennstich
Joachim K. Rennstich
Professor International Social Work and Research Methods

My research interests include the development of digital capitalism, digital literacy and teaching-methodologies.