A global metamorphosis? A theory of evolution of a digital capitalism

Vorstellung eines Papers im Rahmen der MVE 2019 Konferenz.

A global metamorphosis? A theory of evolution of a digital capitalism [Paper presentation]

One of the reoccurring phenomena of hegemonic transitions is the inability of the existing leader to establish a similar leadership position in a newly emerging and structurally different commercial and organizational arrangement. This shift in the …

Evolutionary systems theory: concepts and schools in international relations

Discusses the main evolutionary approaches as part of the international relations literature.

The world system in the information age: structure, processes, and technologies

The new information age has the potential to not only alter the historical path of world system development as other socio-technological paradigmatic shifts have done, but to transform it substantially. One school of thought argues for a complete …

World system evolution [Paper presentation]

This paper argues that the current shifts (or crisis) in world system developmental trajectories can best be understood if they are placed in a long-term, evolutionary world-system developmental perspective. Rather than being a 'regular' iteration in …

Evolutionary systems theory

Summarizes major theoretical evolutionary approaches to the study of world systems.

World system in the information age

This paper looks at the impact of digital technologies and other major technological innovations in recent years on possible major shifts in the development of and control over the world system. The pace of the most inner process in the world system …

The Making of a Digital World

Entwickelt das Modell eines Weltsystems als komplexes, adaptives soziales System von in sich geschachtelten Subprozessen. Dieses Modell wird dann empirisch entlang den wesentlichen beiden Dimensionen — der ökonomischen und politischen Entwicklung von Prozessen — empirisch untersucht.

Future's future: a test of models of systemic transition [Paper presentation]

A future foretold? Multinational firms and leading sector development—Past, present, and future [Paper presentation]

The rise of awareness in globalization processes has led to a renewed focus on leading sectors and thus the interaction between states and multinational firms that helps foster them. Previously viewed as “national agents” of state power, …