Evolutionary systems theory: concepts and schools in international relations

Discusses the main evolutionary approaches as part of the international relations literature.

Evolutionary systems theory

Summarizes major theoretical evolutionary approaches to the study of world systems.

The complexity of history: systems that make a world [Paper presentation]

The dynamics of major power rivalries have developed in tune with political and economic global system long-term developmental phases for a number of centuries. This paper places a special focus on the current phase of major power rivalry and the …

Future's future: a test of models of systemic transition [Paper presentation]

The making of a global system: Towards a general theory of international relations [Paper presentation]

Naval ports and virtual nodes: The historical evolution of world-city networks in the global world system [Paper presentation]

Most treatments of globalization view it as a relatively recent and unique process. Combining frameworks of political geography (world city and network analysis) with a long-term oriented IR framework, further evidence is provided for the emergence …