A global metamorphosis? A theory of evolution of a digital capitalism [Paper presentation]

One of the reoccurring phenomena of hegemonic transitions is the inability of the existing leader to establish a similar leadership position in a newly emerging and structurally different commercial and organizational arrangement. This shift in the …

Globale Dimensionen der gegenwärtigen Migrationsbewegungen

Soziologischer und politischer Grundlagen-Beitrag zur Frage der globalen Dimension der gegenwärtigen Migrationsbewegungen.

Nomads of the land and sea: Stateless challengers and the evolution of global governance [Paper presentation]

Nomadic agents---broadly defined as state-less actors on the state-level of analysis in a world system context---have been important drivers of global governance processes in the evolution of the world system. This paper offers a systematic typology …

World system evolution [Paper presentation]

This paper argues that the current shifts (or crisis) in world system developmental trajectories can best be understood if they are placed in a long-term, evolutionary world-system developmental perspective. Rather than being a 'regular' iteration in …

The Making of a Digital World

Entwickelt das Modell eines Weltsystems als komplexes, adaptives soziales System von in sich geschachtelten Subprozessen. Dieses Modell wird dann empirisch entlang den wesentlichen beiden Dimensionen — der ökonomischen und politischen Entwicklung von Prozessen — empirisch untersucht.

The making of a digital world: the evolution of technological change and how it shaped our world

Theoretical and empirical discussion of world system evolution in the digital age.

Book Review of "Territory, Authority, Rights: From Medieval to Global Assemblages" by Saskia Sassen

Book review

Sapientia et Doctrina---Globalization: A Future Foretold?

The making of a global system: Towards a general theory of international relations [Paper presentation]

The new new thing: Technological styles as creators of globalization [Paper presentation]