The making of a digital world: the evolution of technological change and how it shaped our world

Theoretical and empirical discussion of world system evolution in the digital age.

Is globalization self-organization? Global system formation as a long-term complex process [Paper presentation]

The observance of a relatively stable pattern of global system development has often been criticized for the lack of theoretical underpinnings of its pulsating behavior. This paper contributes to the growing literature that combines complex system …

Chaos or reorder? The future of hegemony in a world-system in upheaval

The latest resurgence of interest in the concept of hegemony and empire–both in the popular and academic realm–has been mostly the result of a change in perception of power, specifically its sources, application, and distribution. Here we argue that …

The new economy, the leadership long cycle, and the nineteenth k-wave

This paper examines the current changes in the global economic environment in a historical and structural context and identifies change as a pattern constantly discernible in at least the past one thousand years.

A new, globalized e-conomy? Trends and performance among the world’s largest corporations [Paper presentation]

Recent changes in the structure of domestic and international economies have led to a wide range of popular accounts of a 'globalized' and 'New Economy.'' Economies of scale are available to everyone with access to the Internet and network …

From commercial to strategic rivalry? Rivalry environments and the nineteenth K-Wave [Paper presentation]

Introduces a categorization of these 'contexts' in the form of global rivalry environments.