Daten-Ethik-Praxis (book project)

Textbook Project

Textbook with additional interactive digital/blended-learning units for integration into LMS systems. Based on case-vignettes connecting the covered theoretical material to realistic scenarios found in varied workplace and educational settings, the book helps learners to gain and assess their mastery of critical ethical digital and data literacy competences. Instructors benefit from the availability of regularly updated study-material that can easily be imported into any LMS system such as Moodle, Canvas, or ILIAS.

Project Goals

  • Prepares students for the ethical challenges posed by increasingly datafied work environments.

Project Status

  • Exposé
Joachim K. Rennstich
Joachim K. Rennstich
Professur Internationale Soziale Arbeit und Empirische Forschungsmethoden

Mein Forschungsfokus umfasst die langzeitliche Entwicklung hin zum digitalen Kapitalismus, Digital Literacy und innovative Lehrmethoden.