JASP/JAGS Workshop

JASP/JAGS workshop for social scientists in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (22–30 Aug 2019)

Image credits: private/JKR

This year my life-long learning endeavors brought me to the Bayesian Hypothesis Testing in JASP Workshop followed by the Cognitive Modeling in JAGS Workshop from 22–30 August 2019 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This workshop has been offered by the team around Eric-Jan Wagenmakers at the Psychology Department of the University of Amsterdam.

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The first workshop is a good introduction to JASP. If are not familiar with it, make sure to check it out. It’s a fantastic resource not only for teaching (as a sure-bet SPSS replacement) but also for research purposes. It’s a killer app for creating great-looking tables and graphs, readily formatted to APA standard. The second one is rather useful if you are familiar with statistical modeling and want to broaden your insights into the use of Bayesian methods. Well recommended.

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